Radical Strikers

Radical Strikers is a single-player third-person shooter with deep lore and stealth-action gameplay. It's a roguelike, which means that the levels, enemy layouts, and drops are all randomly generated each time you play.

The rarest drops, along with limited-release purchasable items, are truly one-of-a-kind: they exist as NFTs on the Radix DLT. They belong to you and they are yours to trade or sell.

Gameplay Comes First

So far, a lot of games involving NFTs have felt like they were designed with NFTs as the first priority and gameplay as the second. With Radical Strikers, we have taken the opposite approach. Think of it this way—we were going to make Radical Strikers anyway, and instead of funding its development by asking for donations or using a crowdfunding platform, we're asking you to purchase part of the game that can truly be yours.

We believe that engaging gameplay and intriguing worldbuilding will be the elements that set Radical Strikers apart. In the interest of getting as many people playing and enjoying Radical Strikers as possible, the base game will be free to play. Players that connect their Radix wallet will be able to use NFT items and weapons that they have acquired. Additionally, players will be able to purchase a special token which will enable them to receive rare NFT drops in-game.

The Story

Two monopolistic tech companies, MATE and Aether, have grown so powerful that their own private armies and weapons research facilities far outmatch that of any sovereign government. The only thing keeping them in check is each other, and they have remained locked in a cold war—until now.

Aether has just received intelligence that the highest levels of security at MATE headquarters have been breached. Mysteriously, Aether is not responsible, but they intend to seize the opportunity and strike as quickly as possible.

You are one of Aether’s "Strikers"—a group of highly skilled agents scattered across the globe, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. They don’t know the extent of the security breach or how long MATE will be vulnerable, so they are sending you alone to do recon and gather as much intelligence as possible before a broader military operation can commence.

No plans are in place to rescue or support you. This is, barring a miracle, a suicide mission.


Radical Strikers is still early in its development, but we are eager to reward early enthusiasts with the first series of items for the game. A limited run of 1000 "Genesis Rifles" will be the very first unique weapons available in Radical Strikers, and you can reserve them now. They are distinguished by a red handguard with the series number printed in blue, and will have enhanced stats in-game.

A spinning rifle with a red handguard

Genesis Rifles are available on rarechest.io


Alpha is planned to begin testing sometime mid 2023. The more item sales and support we get from the community, the more resources we can put toward development on Radical Strikers. This is an indie game with stylish retro graphics, but if the project gets enough enthusiasm we hope to grow the team and continually increase production values. Reserving an item will help, as well as sharing the project with friends!


Radical Strikers is being developed by a small team of passionate game developers who have been making games for over 10 years. Follow us on twitter for development updates, or join our discord or telegram to chat!


Why build on Radix?

Radix's Scrypto language and component-based architecture feel like the winning solution to making DeFi secure and easy to build on. That leaves us more time and resources to focus on the game itself.

How frequently will drops happen?

This is still to be decided, but likely every 2-6 months.

What exactly am I buying when I send 100 XRD to Radical Strikers?

In exchange for 100 XRD, we will send back a token to your Radix wallet that represents one of the limited series of Genesis Rifles. Once smart contracts launch on Radix with their Babylon release scheduled for 2023, the token will be convertible to the real NFT.

Will there ever be multiplayer?

Never say never, but this is not currently planned.

Where can I show off my collection?

We want to focus on the game first and foremost, but one of our stretch goals is to create a web-based interface to view and share your collection publicly.

Does Aether have anything to do with Ether?

No, we started writing the world of Radical Strikers before we even knew what Ethereum was.
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